What we believe IN
NestJS is a great tool to create complex solutions.
We just need to know how to use it.

Who we are

We are a group of software architects who love NestJS, teaching, and sharing knowledge.
Our dream is that the projects with NestJS are always high-quality.

Image of the first NestJS Meetup in Katowice

What we do

We share our knowledge in various ways!

Image of the NestJS Meetup
NestJS Meetup
We organize the first meetup primarily focused on NestJS.

We are looking forward to make the next one in your city!
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YouTube Channel
You can find there recordings of our meetups, and talks.
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NestJS Podcast
Coming soon...
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Our members

Maciej Sikorski's photo

Maciej Sikorski

Founder of the NestJS Talks.
Software Architect, Consultant and Trainer.

Dominik Ostrowski's photo

Dominik Ostrowski

Tech Lead.
Co-Founder of the NestJS Meetup.

Wojciech Ossowski's photo

Kamil Gajowy

Tech lead, speaker and trainer.

Wojciech Ossowski's photo

Wojciech Ossowski

Senior Software Developer, Architect, focused on pragmatic and understandable solutions.

Wojciech Ossowski's photo

Adrian Karwowski

Software developer, working mainly on the backend side. Fan of automation and simplicity.

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